Trump Tells Hannity All Biden Had to Do Was Leave Border Alone

Former President Donald Trump says the surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border due to President Joe Biden's failed policies could "destroy our country" and all the Democratic leader had to do was "leave it alone."

"It's like you've never seen before," Trump said during an interview with Fox News' Hannity set to air Monday evening. "There's never been anything like what's happened at our border, and people are coming in by the tens of thousands. They're walking in. They – we had – all they had to do was leave it alone."

The interview is Trump's first on camera since he left the White House in January, although he has spoken three times to Newsmax. He also condemned media coverage of the border crisis, claiming most would have expressed outrage if the same situation had occurred during his administration.

“They would not stand for it and they're playing it down as much as they can play it down,” Trump said. “It's a horrible situation, [it] could destroy our country. People are pouring in, but you'll see something as the months go by like you've never seen before already.

Customs and Border Protection on April 8 said it caught more than 172,000 migrants attempting to illegally cross the southern border through Mexico in March, a 71% increase over the month of February.

Trump also suggested any Republican wishing to win his or her congressional seat in 2022 needs to run on his "America First" platform.

"If they want to win, yes," Trump said. "We've expanded the Republican Party. I mean the Texas border. We have the biggest Hispanic vote since – as the governor [Greg Abbott] said to me, he called me up, great governor – he said since reconstruction. And I said, ‘You're talking about Civil war, right?’ He said ‘Since the Civil War.’ If you want to win and win big, you have to do that."

Trump received 26% of the non-white vote according to exit polls in November, the largest share of any Republican presidential candidate since 1960.

via newsmax

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