John Boehner: America First Caucus ‘Has No Place In The Republican Party’

Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner strongly criticized the so-called ‘America First Caucus,’ saying it “has no place in the Republican Party.”

Punchbowl News first reported on Friday that some GOP lawmakers were circulating a document regarding policy positions for a potential “America First Caucus” within Congress. The document, which was quickly condemned by many Republican lawmakers, called for promoting a “common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions” as well as a return to architectural styles that “befits the progeny of European architecture.”

“This so-called America First Caucus is one of the nuttiest things I’ve ever seen. Listen, America is a land of immigration. We’ve been the world’s giant melting pot for 250 years,” Boehner, who previously represented Ohio and served as Speaker of the House from 2011 to 2015, told NBC News’ Meet the Press on Sunday.

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