Joe Biden Is the Low-Energy Donald Trump Lite

Biden Says First Golf as President Leaves Course Record IntactBy Jennifer EpsteinApril 17, 2021, 10:14 AM PDT

President has been ranked among best political golfers in pastMost recent handicap posted for Biden was 6.7 in 2018

… Biden was ranked one of Washington’s best golfers a few years ago, sporting a single-digit handicap, but took a break during his 2020 campaign for the White House. …

During the 1960 campaign, JFK made fun of Eisenhower for playing golf. But JFK was a golf fanatic, so when during the campaign he got an invitation to play the superb Cypress Point golf club, he canceled everything to play it and relied on the press to cover it up, which they did.

In 2011, Golf Digest ranked Biden the 29th best golfer in Washington, with a 6 handicap. Biden had a 6.7 handicap in the U.S. Golf Association’s GHIN database in 2018, when his most recent scores were posted.

Egomaniacs can keep their handicaps low by not reporting their bad scores.

Biden was 75 years old in 2018. Obama is 29 years younger but never got close to that handicap despite playing 333 times while in the White House. As far as I can tell, Obama, in his WASP manner, was scrupulous about recording his scores, which was why he virtually always played a complete 9 or 18 hole round despite the press of business. Trump, in contrast, would often play 4 or 7 holes then knock off.

The joke is that nobody gets the joke that Joe Biden is the second most Trump-like man in politics.

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