CNN’s Bald Guy vows end of Trump presidency won’t end his endless Trump braying

On Sunday CNN’s Brian Stelter showed that the network knows where their ratings bread is buttered, and vowed to return to the important business of Trump bashing, election results be damned.

Hey wait, does that mean Stelter doesn’t believe the election was legitimate either? SOMEONE TELL TWITTER AND GOOGLE

Here’s a screenshot of his dumb tweeted video. I’ve spared you the actual video.

He’s tweeted Trump content 15 times in the last 13 days. That fat, dumb, and bald guy..suure loves to play Trump Ball. [dah-dah-dum-dum-dah]

Not just him, though. Trump’s name has come up a whopping 97 times on CNN since this time yesterday afternoon.

Guess how many times Andrew Cuomo’s name came up? Twice. And both times it was to bash Matt Gaetz.

Twitchy noticed the same thing I did, and they pointed out a lot of the left is still playing Trump Ball, including David Axelrod, Chelsea Handler and so on.

They have to. Can’t risk people noticing what Biden’s doing, can they?

via therightscoop

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