Trump’s New PAC Has Already Piled Up a War Chest to Take Down Pelosi: Reports

With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leading the slimmest majority in decades, this could be disastrous news for her Democratic Party.

A political action committee founded by former President Donald Trump has an astonishing $85 million on hand to help fund Republican efforts to take back the House of Representatives in next year’s midterm elections, according to a Thursday Fox News report.

And considering how radical Pelosi’s party has been after only two months in power in Congress and the White House, the Save America PAC might just live up to its name.


According to a CNBC report Tuesday, the “gargantuan” $85 million figure did not come from a quarterly filing report — the Save America PAC will be making a fundraising disclosure in the summer. But a source familiar with the matter told the liberal-leaning news outlet the amount had been raised over the first quarter of the year.

The amount more than doubles the $31 million reported by the PAC at the end of 2020, according to a Federal Election Commission filing.

In the midterms, of course, every member of the House of Representatives is up for re-election. And the fundraising by Trump’s PAC being reported by Fox and CNBC dwarfs the numbers for the Republican and Democratic committees dedicated to raising funds for House campaign efforts.

In a news release Thursday, the National Republican Congressional Committee reported $29.7 million on hand as the second quarter begins.

Meanwhile, according to Fox, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has not reported its quarterly figures yet, but raised $18.5 million in January and February — meaning it would have a long way to go in March fundraising to even get close to the Republican number, much less the reported figure from the Save America PAC.

And there’s little question that has to worry Democrats — they’re going to have a lot to answer for.

House Democrats’ disgraceful behavior in their two years in the majority during the Trump administration might have pleased the party’s hard-core activists, and even just liberals watching MSNBC in their comfortable suburban homes. It no doubt pleased the anti-Trump mainstream media, with its spectacle of #Resistance generating a never-ending news cycle.

But it did nothing to build the trust of ordinary Americans — and likely permanently alienated a large percentage of the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump in November.

Their even more disgraceful behavior — if that’s possible — during the first two months of the Biden presidency should be alienating even those Americans who were misguided enough to vote Democrat in the first place.

The $1.9 trillion COVID “relief” bill — stuffed with blue state bailouts and political payoffs — was signed by President Joe Biden after failing to get a single Republican vote in either the House or the Senate.

The legislative obscenity known as House Resolution 1 passed the House the same way on March 3 and is headed to the Senate, where it’s almost certain to die in a filibuster (if totalitarian Democrats don’t destroy the filibuster first).

Those are just two of the biggest ways a political party that holds the thinnest of majorities in the House, and a single tie-breaking vote in the Senate, is proving to Americans how dangerous the modern Democratic Party really is.

Every American who follows the news — regardless of partisan affiliation — knows the 2020 presidential election was a travesty. Democratic officials at the state level rewrote laws without the benefit of their legislatures and the bias of the mainstream media surpassed Pravda-level propaganda.

The decision by the lords of social media to squelch a legitimate news report about the son of the Democratic presidential nominee’s corrupt business dealings — including dealings with the United States’ biggest and increasingly dangerous global rival, China, was appalling.

But the United States system was created by its Founders to be self-correcting — and the 2022 midterm elections are the first opportunity for that.

Barring unforeseen events involving health and fitness, there’s no doubt Trump is going to be playing a major role in making sure that midterm correction benefits the Republican Party. In the tied Senate, the change of a single seat — say a loss by distasteful Democrat Raphael Warnock in Georgia — could switch the balance of power.

In the House, the party of the sitting president historically loses seats. With temporary vacancies, Pelosi holds a majority of only 218 to 212, according to CBS News. But even with both parties at full strength, the Democratic majority would be 222 to 213.

The Democratic hold is the slimmest majority since the 1940s, according to Fox News.

A handful of Republican victories in 2022 would mean a GOP majority in the House — and current House Speaker Pelosi getting a demotion she richly deserves.

According to the Fox and CNBC reports, Trump’s Save America PAC — founded in the aftermath of November’s vote — is going to have enough financial ammunition to go gunning for the Democratic majority effectively.

And for Pelosi & Co., that could be disastrous. But it could just save America after all.

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