Eric Trump: Hunter Biden Coverage Exposes Media ‘Hypocrisy’

The media's gentle coverage of Hunter Biden's drug abuse and criminality after years of relentlessly attacking the Trump family from former President Donald Trump all the way down to his teenage son Barron shows "disheartening" hypocrisy and "unequal scales of justice," Eric Trump said on Newsmax TV.

"You see how we were attacked by the media, you see how they weaponize the legal system against us, how they come after us every single day how they criticize us, how they parody us on 'Saturday Night Live' and you know we've lived honest lifestyles," Eric Trump told Thursday's "Greg Kelly Reports." "We've lived clean lifestyles. We haven't gotten into trouble. We've never been to jail."

"You look at the discrepancy, but you look at how we're treated versus how he's treated and it really shows," he continued, "the unequal scales of justice in this country."

"It's very, very sad and it's very disheartening, and that's not how the system should work."

Eric Trump told host Greg Kelly he does "feel bad" for Hunter, saying "he's a troubled kid," but Hunter Biden should be spending his time in the media being a "poster child" for rehabilitation and the triumphs over addiction, "which would be a beautiful thing for our nation."

Yet, as accepting the media is of Hunter Biden's transgressions, it was relentless in its attacks of the Trump family, Eric Trump lamented, calling it "mind boggling."

"I'm not sure how many people could have actually withstood the barrage, the amount of arrows that we've taken in our back," Eric Trump added. "And again, you know, I feel for  Hunter. I have friends who have who have died because of substance abuse; it's no laughing matter.

"The hypocrisy and the unfair treatment is what gets named me, not the ailment."

Eric Trump is the husband of Lara Trump, who is weighing a run for Senate out of her home state of North Carolina. Lara Trump herself admits one thing holding her back is the media's unfair coverage of anything Trump.

"She's leading that race by about 30 points; it's pretty incredible, and so you know, it's something that she's obviously considering," Eric Trump said, adding also "don't rule my father out" for a 2024 presidential run.

"I think, Greg, every single day that goes by makes people realize how much they miss Donald Trump," Eric Trump told host Greg Kelly.

"My father had the problem on the southern border solved. I mean illegal immigration was down by 90%. Now you look at the mess that he's created.

"I see the policies that are just lunacy and they're bringing our nation backward, and I think many of our adversaries, unfortunately, Greg, are laughing at us."

via newsmax

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