Rep. Dan Bishop: Trump ‘Visionary on Border Security’

The Biden administration has ignored the advice of U.S. border officials, including direct advice not to do away with the Trump administration's migrant protection protocols, and potentially unlawfully exceeded a 60-day pause on approved border wall construction, according to Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., on Newsmax TV.

"Obviously the administration's made a terrible error there, but the 60-day pause has expired and they're still not getting underway, according to these agents," Bishop told Wednesday's "National Report." "They've got this reflexive inclination to do away with anything President Trump has done, but President Trump was a visionary on border security, not just the wall.

"The wall certainly is a big part of it, but many other policies that the Biden administration has suspended that the Trump administration has successfully developed and implemented is what has precipitated the unfolding catastrophe that we have right now, case after case."

Bishop asked Chief Border Patrol Agent Brian Hastings in a news conference Monday about "top level" discussions with the Biden administration, and Hastings acknowledged his "first answer was 'don't do away with migrant protection protocols.'"

A "political appointee" from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was there to "keep track of what was being said," Bishop noted to host Emma Rechenberg, applauding the courage of being candid about their advice to the Biden administration.

"I've got to give credit to the folks that serve us on the border down here, border patrol, CBP, field operations: These guys are candid," Bishop said. "They'll tell you what you need to know, if you ask them, and they've been courageous in doing so.

"They're in the middle, but they're absolutely clear on what has caused this: It is disastrous policy and policy mistakes from the Biden administration."

Bishop has been involved in the Republican delegation at the U.S. border giving oversight to the current border crisis they administration refuses to classify as such.

"They have enormous overcrowding of these pods, that we have all seen in video, that's precipitated by abandonment of Trump management policies that CBP warned the administration against," Bishop said.

"This is all created by the [Biden] administration."

via newsmax

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