Don Jr.: All Star Game Move to Denver Is Corporate Localism

Over the weekend, Major League Baseball pulled its All Star game from the city of Atlanta and moved it to Denver in another cancel culture round of backlash from the recent Republican sponsored passage of voter reform legislation in Georgia.

“It's ridiculous, you know you hit some of the statistics and some of the things they were complaining about as it related to the new Georgia laws were frankly just lies pushed by the Biden administration,” Donald Trump, Jr. said Tuesday on "Stinchfield" on Newsmax TV.“Biden went out there and made all sorts of claims as to what it (the Georgia election law) was.”

The Washington Post was the only liberal media outlet that called out Biden for perpetuating falsehoods. “Jeff Bezos’ perfect, you know, liberal hit machine actually gave Joe Biden four Pinocchios because of his statements about what was going on in Georgia, Trump Jr. said. “Biden’s press secretary (Jen Psaki) got out and doubled down on the comments even after being called out by their own side on the nonsense, but that's all it is,” he said.

“Fifteen days in Colorado” for early voting compared to “17 in Georgia,” he said. “Atlanta is 52% African American, Denver 10%. This is corporate localism simply for the sake of localism, there's actually nothing woke about this move. They actually took probably $100 million plus that would have been infused into a predominantly minority and African American community in Atlanta and put it in a predominantly white and wealthy community in Denver."

“That's localism as far as I'm concerned, but with today's left you never know, common sense is clearly out the window,"he added.

via newsmax

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