Federal Prosecutors in NY Are Asking the Judge to Ignore Trump’s Pardon

The Department of Justice’s Southern District of New York (DOJ’s – SDNY) is showing its true colors.  Led by Audrey Strauss, the office first harassed a group of four individuals connected to President Trump on bogus charges related to their efforts to build a wall on the Southern Border, but now they can’t seem to let go of their case after one party to the case, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, was pardoned by President Trump in January.

The Current Head of the SDNY, Audrey Strauss, Behind the Abusive Bannon and Kolfage Indictments, Is a Lifelong Democrat Donor

The case was timed to come out before the 2020 Republican convention.  Four members of a group that built portions of a Souther Wall on the border with Mexico were the targets.  They were connected to President Trump and they did build sections of the wall in some previously very active sectors.

It was clearly a hit job.  The case from the beginning held little weight.  It was another attack against those who supported President Trump.  One individual, Brian Kofage, a triple amputee and war hero was arrested at his house in Florida.

Now Strauss’s SDNY will not let the case go even after Steve Bannon was pardoned by President Trump.  The SDNY argues that the criminal charges against Steve Bannon should not be pardoned even though they were pardoned by President Trump.

The Populous Press reports:

They know the sham indictment is done as soon as Bannon is dismissed. The mere fact that they are trying to get out of honoring the Presidential pardon is proof their case is done. The other defendants including Brian Kolfage will have their charges dropped most likely as a result of this.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan again urged a judge not to dismiss the criminal charges against Steve Bannon in an unusual dispute following the former White House strategist’s 11th-hour pardon by President Donald Trump.

In a filing late Thursday night, prosecutors reiterated their argument that Bannon, who was charged alongside three other defendants in a scheme to defraud donors in a private effort to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, should be administratively terminated from the case. Should the indictment against Bannon be tossed, they said, any such order should be narrow and ”conform to the language and scope of the pardon.”

via thegatewaypundit

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