NEW! Universally applicable TRUTH from Trump statement

The Save America PAC on Friday night released a new statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. In it, former* President Trump voiced a universal truth we’re all really familiar with.

“Unfortunately for the Radical Left CRAZIES, more and more facts are coming out.” That is ALWAYS unfortunate for the left. When facts come out, it’s bad news for them. Just like with the killer in D.C., just like with the murderer in Boulder, just like with climate and with the economy and just like with election fraud.

Facts hurt Democrats. Facts hurt the left. Trump knows this as well as any of us. Here’s the image of the statement, followed by the copy-paste-able text.

Why is it that every time the 2020 ELECTION FRAUD is discussed, the Fake News Media consistently states that such charges are baseless, unfounded, unwarranted, etc.? Sadly, there was massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, and many very angry people understand that. With each passing day, and unfortunately for the Radical Left CRAZIES, more and more facts are coming out.

Other than that, Happy Easter!

The press are mocking that last line. But that’s because they don’t understand that we’ve all got to say “Happy Easter” now before the Dem congress and Biden make it illegal and Google wipes the holiday from human history.

via therightscoop

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