Trump’s Ex-ICE Director Claims Biden Admin ‘Designed’ Current Border Crisis

President Joe Biden continues to remain mostly silent (and probably confused) on the current situation brewing at the southern U.S. border while newly-appointed immigration czar Vice President Kamala Harris continues to cackle away any question she receives from the press on the matter.

But according to the Washington Examiner, former President Donald Trump's director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Thomas Homan, revealed recently on Fox News that he believes the Biden administration "designed" the current crisis with an ulterior motive - one that includes furthering his push for an open-borders-style United States.

"This was totally preventable. The Biden administration … was briefed by leadership at ICE, at [Customs and Border Protection]. I talked to people that briefed them, and so they knew this was happening. … They knew what they were doing," Homan said.

While many, including the former president, along with a number of congressional Republicans, blame the Biden administration for mishandling the situation on a policy and management level, Homan says that's not the case, doubling down on his theory that the whole debacle was planned from the get-go.

"This isn't incompetence. This isn't, you know, bad management. This is open borders. They designed an open borders agenda, and the men and women of Border Patrol feel abandoned because they're no longer enforcing the law - they're facilitating illegal entry at the instruction of the administration."

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As terrible as it would be to find out that there any truth to Homan's assessment, one almost has to breathe a sigh of relief in the sense that maybe the Biden administration isn't quite as grossly incompetent as we're all thinking it is right now.

Texas Rep. Brian Babin agreed with Homan's thoughts on the matter in a bombshell revelation, accusing the Biden administration of purposely letting the situation spiral out of control.

"They want open borders. They want as many of these people to come in and get on government assistance and become voting citizens, or at least voting people that would come and continue the Democrat majority," he said. "And I think people just need to wake up. … What we need is the truth here," Babin said.

Again, sadly, it makes so much more sense if that happens to be the case, as the situation escalated so unbelievably fast it raises questions as to why the Biden administration hasn't promptly responded by making changes or rolling back some of the policies that he enacted in his first few days in office.

It would also explain, to some degree, why the Biden administration refuses to call the situation a "crisis" and instead prefers the term "challenge." If Homan and Babin are correct, it looks like the only "challenge" is to see just how many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants can cross the border before Republicans take back majority control of the House and put an end to it.

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