Lara Trump Blasts the ‘Total Hypocrisy’ of Dems’ Border Response

If Lara Trump is running for the Senate, she’s gotten a running start.

The wife of former President Donald Trump’s middle son, Eric, made her debut as a Fox News contributor Monday morning by blasting the Biden administration’s handling of illegal immigrants and the southern border crisis and the Democratic Party that supports him.

But she called out one Democrat in particular in a guarantee to warm-up support in the Republican base.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade led off the questioning, citing White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s grilling by Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

Wallace’s questioning left no doubt that Psaki and the Biden White House are being swamped by a border crisis they caused – and one they can’t control.

(Wallace is no favorite of Trump supporters after his handling of the first presidential debate back in September, but after Sunday’s interview, it’s a good bet he’s no favorite of the Biden White House either.)

Trump was obviously ready for the topic.

“We had the most secure border under my father-in-law, under President Donald Trump, that we have had in decades,” she said. “And I think the best thing possible is to discourage people from making that really dangerous, awful journey north through our southern border.

“The problem is, that the Biden administration has said, ‘Well, if they come, we’ll take you in.’ So guess what’s going to continue to happen? You’re going to continue to have all these children, you know, flooding our southern border.

“It is so sad. It is so hard to watch. But we have to get this under control. This is not fair to these kids. It’s not fair to Americans who are footing the bill now.”

Check out the interview here. (The border crisis conversation starts about the 1:45 mark.)

Kilmeade then drew Trump’s attention to the images recorded over the weekend by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Donna, Texas, at a detention center for juvenile illegal immigrants.

The overcrowding was obvious amid a coronavirus pandemic. Much less unpleasant conditions at detention centers under the Trump administration were attacked by the mainstream media and Democrats as “kids in cages.”

In fact, New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez staged a visit to the border in June 2018 — before she was elected to Congress — where she was photographed weeping melodramatically outside a fence that presumably surrounded a detention center.

When the photos were released in June 2019, they might have inspired AOC’s followers, but they drew withering derision from the right, including commentator Candace Owens.

In her Monday Fox appearance, Lara Trump took direct aim at Democrats and the mainstream media.

“It’s total hypocrisy, you bring up a great point,” she said. “The way they covered this under the Trump administration versus the Biden administration? It’s total hypocrisy.

“Where is the outrage from the folks on the left? Where is AOC down there doing a photo op crying in front of a wall? Because I have news for her, it is much worse right now than it ever was under the Trump administration, yet it has been crickets from those folks.”

As the interview noted, Lara Trump is widely known to be considering a run for the Senate in 2022 to represent her native North Carolina. Publicly calling out Ocasio-Cortez — who basically personifies the strange combination of strutting arrogance and dangerous naivete, barely disguised malice and educated ignorance that makes up the modern Democratic Party — will do Trump no harm among conservative voters.

And then she got to the real point:

“I think it tells a very scary story,” she said. “They know that they have millions of illegal immigrants coming to America. They are trying to change our voting laws. They are hoping one day that all of these folks can go in and vote with no ID, because that’s one of the things in HR 1 that they’re proposing. These are their new voters and it is a terrifying prospect if we let everybody just free flow over our southern border, guys? We lose our country.”

That’s the kind of bracing language the 45th president brought to the immigration debate.

Psaki and other mouthpieces of the Biden administration have been able to pretend there is no “crisis” on the southern border partly by deliberately misstating the problem, as though it’s the backlog of processing illegal immigrants rather than making illegal immigration too difficult to even attempt.

Pretending that dealing with illegal immigration is a processing problem is like pretending crime can be solved by having more probation officers.

A properly functioning police force prevents murders, rape and robbery by assuring capture and punishment for those who would dare to try. (The “defund the police” Democrats pretend not to understand that, too.)

The point of a sovereign country having borders is to prevent illegal entry — not to provide easier ways for illegal immigrants to get into the system.

If they had a shred of intellectual honesty, Democrats would acknowledge those self-evident truths — but then they would have to admit the truth of the rest of what Trump was saying.

What they’re interested in is power — on a permanent basis. And the way to ensure that is to bring in the kind of voting base that will be dependent on the kind of totalitarian government that Democrats, in the rotting recesses of their souls, actually want to impose.

The fact that the country owes its greatness to the principles it was founded on — of individual freedom and ordered liberty — doesn’t bother Democrats. Most lack the wit to understand it. The ones who do understand it do despise it — which is why they want to bring in a population that will accept it.

Whether Lara Trump’s future includes a Senate campaign remains to be seen, but if it does, she’s already got a running start.

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