Former Trump Adviser Launching Legal Group To Take On Biden’s Radical Agenda

Former Trump White House policy adviser Stephen Miller is starting a new legal group to take on Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

The legal group is going to mostly focus on administrative law and executive overreach.

Politico reported:

Former Trump White House policy adviser Stephen Miller, known for his hardline immigration policies and conservative culture war postures, is launching a new legal group. And he’s looking to use it to make Joe Biden’s life miserable.

The group, which will be known as America First Legal, will help organize Republican attorneys general against perceived executive branch abuses in addition to filing lawsuits of its own, according to six people familiar with the planning.

“During the Trump administration, we had the ACLU and three or four other advocacy groups consistently working with Democrats to coordinate against our policies. Miller is taking a page out of their book,” said a senior Trump administration official briefed on Miller’s plans.

The courts are one way Conservatives can stop the Leftist takeover.

After Biden attempted to stop deportations for his first 100 days, a judge blocked it:

GOOD: Judge Indefinitely Bans Biden’s 100 Day Deportation Moratorium

Biden has also faced challenges over his decision to stop the building of the Keystone pipeline, killing thousands of jobs.

21 States sued Biden for revoking Keystone Pipeline XL permit:

21 States Sue Biden For Revoking Keystone Pipeline XL Permit, “The Power to Regulate Foreign and Interstate Commerce Belongs to Congress – Not the President”

It’s time for conservative lawyers to stand up!

via thegatewaypundit

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