“The Whole Thing Was Ridiculous” – Trump Reacts to Biden’s Press Conference

78-year-old Joe Biden held his first press conference today and it was a total dumpster fire.

Biden had a binder of notes waiting for him today at his first press conference.

Like a parrot, he read off all of his foreign policy answers including his entire answer to the North Korea question.

And Biden was calling on reporters from his prepared list.

President Joe Biden looks on notes as he answers questions from journalists during the first formal press conference of his presidency. (EPA/OLIVER CONTRERAS / POOL)

Biden’s handpicked, friendly and sycophantic reporters couldn’t even save him from jumbling his words and losing his train of thought.

President Trump phoned in to Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News Thursday night and reacted to Biden’s pathetic presser.

“The whole thing was ridiculous. You know it and so do I,” Trump said.



Listen to Trump’s full interview with Laura Ingraham here:

via thegatewaypundit

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