DEA Agent Mark Ibrahim: Fired for going to Trump rally!

Mark Ibrahim was a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent when he attended the rally for the president of the United States on Jan. 6, 2021.

He did not enter the Capitol that day for the so-called "insurrection." He's on record through a video he made speaking out against heckling of law enforcement reinforcements.

As he told Tucker Carlson on Fox Tuesday, Ibrahim was fired by the DEA for no reason, except attending a rally for President Donald J. Trump. Because of that, he can no longer serve his country.

"I was there with my brother," he explained. "He is an FBI special agent. And no adverse action was taken against him, as it shouldn't. As it shouldn't have happened to me. And, you know, they got it wrong. Me and my brother both served in the Army. I followed him into federal law enforcement. My sister is a Navy veteran. My mom was in the Pentagon on 9/11. And I'm the son of two immigrants who left oppressive regimes. And, you know, my mom instilled in me a debt that we owe this country for the liberties and freedoms; they are not free. So, just the saddest part about this is I can't serve my country anymore."

Ibrahim decided to fight back with a lawsuit against the DEA. But why should he have to? Because he went to a rally attended by perhaps 1 million others? A rally that was perfectly legal? Or was it because he disgraced his agency by standing up for Trump? Is that a crime now in Joe Biden's DEA? Is the Biden administration now purging itself of all former Trump supporters?

What is becoming of America in these times?

This war on Trump and Trump supporters has gone far enough.

Do authorities expect to find everyone who attended the political rally to "cancel" them from the their jobs? What else can those Americans expect? What other punishments will they receive?

This is outrageous!

Let me announce to Biden right now – I was there Jan. 6. I'm Spartacus, too! What's going to happen to me? I demand to hear!

It's worth pointing out that Donald J. Trump, the last president of the United States, still had his Twitter account suspended, in violation of his free speech. He currently is developing a new platform so he can say what he wants to the American people. Why should he have to? I thought we all had free speech in the United States – is the president somehow an exception?

I'm told there are dozens of people arrested for participating in the rally on Jan. 6 who are still incarcerated. They have not been offered any bail!

It seem the Biden administration is the "fascist" regime so many accused the Trump administration of being. Children in cages, people locked up without bail for "crimes against the state" and yet foreigners free to enter our country on foot without as much as a pandemic check!

"I am taking legal action against the DEA – through the help of DRE law firms," said Ibrahim. "They have been very supportive taking this as a matter of principle. … I have been taking orders since I was 18. I was really just going to accept this, and my friends encouraged me to fight. They said not just on your behalf but everybody who is being wrongfully persecuted for their political views. I would encourage anybody if you have taken – if any adverse action was taken against you because of your political views, you should fight."

That's what Ibrahim is going to do. I'm with him. So is Trump. And so is at least half of America.

Which half are you with?

Ibrahim concludes: "I pray that our nation heals."

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