Full steam ahead for Trump train

The announcement that Donald Trump will establish his own platform in social media has rocked the political world. A mass exodus from Twitter and Facebook to a new Trump platform could weaken the liberal monopolies, and some in Big Tech are hastily considering whether to invite him back.

Meanwhile, Trump’s statements continue to dominate the news more than Biden’s comments. Almost daily Trump uses his near-perfect track record of successful endorsements to back a new challenger to an incumbent in the 2022 elections.

On Monday Trump endorsed the primary challenge by Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., to turncoat Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who presided over the loss in election integrity there. Under Raffensperger’s lax oversight, the number of rejected invalid mail-in ballots declined sharply from 3.1% in 2018 to a measly 0.6% in the 2020 presidential election.

Vernon Jones, a black Trump supporter who recently left the Democratic Party, announced that he may run against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp next year. Trump is also recruiting a candidate to challenge Georgia’s worthless lieutenant governor, Geoff Duncan.

Then there is Herschel Walker, one of the greatest athletes of our lifetime, with record-breaking football careers for the Georgia Bulldogs, the U.S. Football League and the NFL. An outspoken black Trump supporter, Walker leads Georgia’s newly elected Senator Raphael Warnock by 47-45% in a recent poll.

Though raised as a Democrat, Walker gave a ringing endorsement of Trump last summer at the Republican National Convention. "I'm not an actor, a singer, or a politician," Herschel began, “I'm … a father, a man of faith, and a very good judge of character."

Meanwhile, an audio recording of a conversation has surfaced that Trump had with a Georgia official over the 2020 election. It proves that the Washington Post misquoted Trump in a disparaging way. The Post had to apologize for its smear.

The media also misrepresents the recent shootings at Atlanta-area spas, falsely depicting them as a hate crime because six of the victims were Asian women. Investigators found no evidence that the suspect had a racist intent but rather a pornography addiction.

Liberals were stung in 2020 by how many Asians shifted to supporting Trump, after they had overwhelmingly supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Asian men, in particular, reportedly like Trump's straight talk and aversion to political correctness.

By falsely portraying the Georgia shootings as a hate crime, the liberal media continue to foment a racial narrative to pull more minorities to the Democrat side. It's hard to square that narrative with the recent shootings in Boulder, Colorado, where the Muslim suspect was apparently let into the U.S. as a Syrian refugee.

Wisconsin will again be a key state in 2024, and Sen. Ron Johnson. R-Wis., is not caving to the false narrative about the protests at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Johnson rightly points out that there was no violence by the unarmed Trump supporters who peacefully congregated on the Senate side of the Capitol that day.

Johnson had no reason to fear the protesters, many of whom remain wrongly imprisoned for exercising their First Amendment rights. A conservative journalist who covered the events that day was arrested while a liberal reporter was not.

Meanwhile, the crisis at our southern border has gone from bad to worse. Biden's press secretary could not explain why Biden has taxpayers paying for illegal aliens to stay in hotels while National Guard troops recently had to spend nights in freezing winter weather sleeping on the floor of a parking garage during their unnecessary deployment in Washington, D.C.

Biden refuses to visit the southern border, although pictures smuggled out by Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, reveal deplorable living conditions. Just imagine the howls of protest and scandal if this had occurred under Donald Trump.

Last month Biden announced that illegal immigrants in Mexico who seek asylum in the United States could be released into our country to roam freely while awaiting the years-long judicial process to complete. This incited the stampede.

Biden has been hidden from the media longer than any president in modern history, failing to hold a solo press conference during his first 60 days in office. Pretending that his fall while climbing the stairs to Air Force One was due to the wind is absurd.

Trump recently commended the "deep bench" in the GOP of possible future presidents, listing many who have supported him. Notably absent from his list were Mike Pence and anyone who sides with the false liberal narrative about Jan. 6 or the fraudulent election itself.

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