Illegal Immigrant: ‘Definitely’ Wouldn’t Have Tried To Cross Border Under Trump

Democrats are out of excuses.

In the two months since President Joe Biden’s inauguration kicked off a flood of illegal immigrants on the country’s southern border, his political party has come up with a host of reasons it’s happening now -- hurricanes, political corruption, climate change, crime.

But an interview with one illegal alien on ABC’s “This Week” that aired Sunday made it clear the border disaster has only one name on it -- and that name is Joe Biden.

Veteran correspondent Marth Raddatz, certainly no friend of American conservatives, put the question plainly to a man identified as one of the “asylum seekers” who’d crossed the border from a tent city that had sprung up while the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy was in effect for asylum applicants -- a policy that had maintained a semblance of sanity for American immigration policy.

“Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?” Raddatz asked.

“Definitely not. Definitely,” the man said in fluent English. “We had the chance, you know, the same violence that's going on today was there last year. We used to watch the news, I definitely wouldn't do this.”

“So did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?” Raddatz asked.

“Basically. Basically,” the man responded. “The main thing was the violence in my country. And the second thing I think was Joe Biden. You know, it's like it lightened up my hope, you know what I mean?”

Yes, Americans know what he means. No sane person can dispute that living in the United States is better than living in a crime-racked country where poverty, official corruption and violence are the norms.

In fact, for a country that's allegedly smoldering under the oppression of "white supremacy" and "systemic racism," that's supposedly stalked by murderous police forces who hold the lives of minorities worthless, the United States has a magnetic attraction to countless millions of foreigners -- even "people of color"-- who risk their lives daily to reach its blessed borders.

It's almost enough to make those stories look like the liberal lies they are.

The question is -- and has always been -- who decides who, among the billions who weren’t fortunate enough to be born here, will be allowed to enter?

To former President Donald Trump, and the tens of millions of voters who supported him, the answer to that question is: “The United States government decides, in accordance with the wishes of the American people it represents.”

To the Democratic Party and the man who now resides in the White House, however, that decision rests with anyone on Earth who can manage to make it to the Rio Grande, regardless of whether they have a legitimate claim to asylum or are the vanguard of a new ring of drug dealers and human traffickers aiming only to export the endemic crime of their homeland into the American heartland.

The interview with the Brazilian man was part of a lengthy introduction to a Raddatz interview with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Under surprisingly tough questioning, as an ABC transcript shows, Mayorkas maintained, absurdly, that “the border is secure,” that the Biden administration has a plan for the flood of illegal immigrants, and the disaster unfolding in real-time on the country’s southern border is the fault of the Trump administration’s quaint belief that a nation needs borders and the will to defend them.

The reality is otherwise, as anyone who follows events knows.

Trump's policies brought a measure of peace and stability to the border after he declared it a disaster in 2019, reached an agreement with the government of Mexico, and got serious about wall construction.

While that might have kept out would-be immigrants trying -- like the man Raddatz interviewed -- to escape possibly horrific conditions in their own country, it also allowed for an orderly process that could, at least in theory, distinguish between law-abiding individuals with legitimate claims to asylum and those looking simply to game the system.

Now, after only two months, the border is porous and unquestionably dangerous, the administration’s handling of the inflow is a case study in crisis mismanagement, and it's becoming increasingly clear that Biden inherited a secure situation from his predecessor, and has succeeded only in destroying it.

As Trump put it in a statement on Sunday, "He turned a national triumph into a national disaster."

Democrats, liberals and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media can spin any kind of narrative they want, but the words of one Brazilian asylum-seeker make the truth all too plain:

The disaster on the southern border has one name on it.

And that name is Joe Biden.

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