Illegal Aliens Admits: I Wouldn’t Have Crossed the Border if Trump Was President

A father who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally told ABC’s Martha Raddatz that he would not have done so if former President Donald Trump were still in office.

During a segment of “This Week” that aired Sunday morning, Raddatz interviewed a man from Brazil who had crossed the border with his wife and children — and he told her that he made the choice not to come until President Joe Biden took office.

“This father who asked we not show his face, traveled to Mexico from Brazil with his wife and three young kids before crossing the border,” Raddatz said by way of introduction. “Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?”

“Definitely not. Definitely. We had the chance, you know, but the same violence that’s going on today was there last year,” the man replied, making it clear that it was the political situation in the United States rather than the situation in his home country that had made all the difference. “We used to watch the news, I definitely wouldn’t do this.”


Biden To Spend $86 Billion on Hotels for Illegals

President Joe Biden’s administration will spend $86 million to house migrants crossing the southern border in hotels, according to a new report.

Around 1,200 migrant family members will be housed in the hotels as part of a contract awarded by administration, Axios reported Saturday. Illegal border crossings have surged since Biden took office, and detention facilities holding unaccompanied minors have reached capacity at the southern border.

The hotels will reportedly be in Arizona and Texas, and the contract will start at six months with the option to extend it, DHS officials told Axios. Hotels have been used in the past to house excess migrants at the border when illegal crossers cannot be processed quickly enough, including during the Trump administration in 2020, according to Axios.

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