Rep. Taylor Greene Facing Expulsion Threat by Democrats

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene will face an attempt by Democrats to remove her from the House of Representatives on Friday, when California Rep. Jimmy Gomez from eastern Los Angeles plans to introduce a measure to expel her for social media posts.

Gomez claims Taylor Greene ''previously supported social media posts calling for political violence against the speaker of the House, members of Congress, and former President Barack Obama."

Democrats, in an overwhelmingly party-line vote, stripped Taylor Greene, a first-year member of the House representing Georgia's 14th Congressional District in the northwest corner of the state, of her committee assignments in early February for the same reason.

Taylor Greene condemned the effort as well as a move by Democrats to possibly overturn a race in Iowa by congressional action. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent Mariannette Miller-Meeks' six-vote victory over Democrat Rita Hart — who did not contest the election results in a court — to the House administration committee for consideration.

"There is nothing more threatening to Democrats than strong Republican women!" Greene said in a statement to Fox News. "Democrats are trying [to] overturn the will of the American people who voted for both myself and Congresswoman Miller-Meeks. This is a continuation of the House Democrats' war on women!"

Gomez would require at least 72 Republicans to vote for expulsion if every Democrat voted for the measure since it requires a two-third vote to remove a member of Congress.

Democrats have made Taylor Greene a focus of their push to delegitimize Republicans, citing her as one of the House members who objected to certifying the presidential election results, claiming it incited ''insurrection.''

They denied her committee assignments based on her liking posts such as one that said "a bullet to the head would be quicker" to remove Pelosi as speaker of the House.

"Such advocacy for extremism and sedition not only demands her immediate expulsion from Congress, but it also merits strong and clear condemnation from all of her Republican colleagues," Gomez said.

"... Her very presence in office represents a direct threat against the elected officials and staff who serve our government."

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