Admiral Giroir blasts Biden for rewriting history taking credit from Trump

Former HHS Assistant Secretary and four star Admiral Giroir, who was part of Operation Warp Speed, blasted Biden for rewriting history on the vaccines and taking credit for what Trump put in place:

Fox News provided a full transcript of his remarks, and if nothing else, it’s just good information to have because Giroir sets the record straight:

GIROIR: We had already given a pace of one million [vaccinations] per day by the time the inauguration hit. On January 20th we did 1.5 million. If you just look at the Trump rollout plan, he should get 150 to 200 million doses within the first 100 days. The fact that he’s rewriting history and taking credit for this continues to amaze me. Great data for the country. This is a fabulous day. I support that, he’s done some nice things. But this is following the Operation Warp Speed plan.

That program was started by the Trump Administration. The first thing we did was go into nursing homes. We got CVS and Walgreens to sign up for 99% of nursing homes. The pharmacy program, we had already enrolled 40,000 pharmacies to be vaccinators and vaccination sites. I’m glad he’s using 9,000 of them, but that was done under our [Trump] administration. This is a great American story, but it’s not a Biden story. It’s a Trump story that laid the foundation that Biden’s team is doing a good job carrying the baton over the finish line, as they should.

The most important fact, and even the CDC agrees, you do not need widespread screening in order to open schools. By positing this $10 billion, he [Biden] implies that somehow we need this in order to get schools open. That’s completely not true and not supported by the science. Secondly, by my calculation, the states probably have about $25 billion for testing that they have left unspent. So where this $10 billion is going, I’m not sure. I’m very concerned about what was said yesterday because it gives a false impression. Kids need to be in school today and they can be in school today.

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