Sen. Mike Braun: Biden Saying ‘If Trump Did It, I Don’t Want It’

If it is "not broken, don't fix it," but President Joe Biden is ignoring that longstanding mantra, because if former President Donald "Trump did it, I don't want it," he says, Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., lamented on Newsmax TV.

"One rule of business that I've always followed is if it's not broken, don't try to fix it, and it's pure politics," Braun told Tuesday's "Spicer & Co." about the Biden open-border policies unwinding Trump's finally secure border.

Democrats' majority in the House and Senate in 2022 will be at risk, even with Biden's buying off Americans with a $1.9 spending bill, Braun added to host Sean Spicer and guest host Mercedes Schlapp, a former White House senior adviser to Trump.

"I think it's the most vulnerable issue that they've put themselves at risk with that they may not be about to cover up with this big spending bill that they tried to create a sugar high for everyone to forget issues like what they're trying to do on the border," Braun said.

Immigration was an issue that led to Republican retake control of Congress before and it will be again in 2022, he added.

"For all they're going to try to do by creating a sugar high for the economy, that will wear out and have its own issues down the road," Braun said. "In the meantime, to me, this is just like when I ran, it was that big an issue. It is again and they've done this in the matter of a few months, taking something that was working so well and now it's chaos, basically."

The Biden administrations clear goal to unwind Trump's border policies is just undoing themselves in the eyes of the American voters, he continued.

"If there's one issue that – just due to the fact that Trump did so well with it – the Biden administration's in a pickle, because they're trying to undo everything that was working," he said.

As for the Trump administration's strike at human trafficking on the southern border, the Biden administration has managed to bring that back to the status of a crisis with a "porous border," a veritable be careful what you wish for, Braun said.

Human and drug trafficking, he added, "has always been there when you had a porous border, and now you're reviving all of that. And you talk about a major benefit that didn't get discussed at all in the lead up much to the election, that's all now coming back."

Biden and his administration only has itself to blame, according to Braun.

"And that's falling on the shoulders of a Biden administration that is just reflexively saying if Trump did it, I don't want it," he said. "I think in this case, they have gambled big time."

No amount of massive spending to distract Americans under the guise of COVID-19 can cover for this either, particularly when you consider the eventual economic fallout, Braun concluded.

"Because even though you may not feel the repercussions, they'll be there sooner or later," he said, "And again, you're fixing something that was working as well as I've ever seen it in the 37 years of my being a main street entrepreneur."

via newsmax

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