The Donald Trump Dreamscape

I have a friend and associate who believes that somehow, Donald Trump is still the president.

Yes, you read that right. We’re talking here about an educated individual, involved in the community, a good citizen, the member of a hard-right, religiously-grounded circle. The belief is that someday, soon, by some means which this person is not quite able to articulate, the former president will resume his command post in the Oval Office. It’s “wait for it” all over again.

I don’t think there are many people out there who believe this (I could be wrong). Who think that the election of Joe Biden has all been a mistake that will not stand the test of some reckoning to come. A fraud that will become unsustainable once certain facts come to light and certain constitutional arguments are brought to bear. Correlation to the second coming of Christ is undeniable, and may or may not be subliminal.

This friend was among those, including some in my own family, who were adamant post-election that Trump would ultimately prevail. With each passing Trump legal maneuver scuttled by various legal entities, these folks became evermore assured that it was only a matter of time, that “something was coming.” The Supreme Count stand-down, the Georgia run-off, even the Capitol riot, didn’t dent the conviction in the minds of these Trumpian cave fighters that when the dust cleared, and all the chips had fallen, Donald Trump would not be former President Trump, but President Trump.

Living in a community that by-and-large loathes Trump, and spent every day of his presidency in some level of psychic, spiritual, and emotional pain, I very publicly, through my PJ Media columns and in the local Northwest Connection, indefatigably supported President Trump. I was warned by family members to be on the lookout. I am a believer.

But I know that this “Trump will be resurrected soon” belief is a denialist dreamscape. As horribly transformative and scary as Biden’s presidency is, and however nefarious the means by which he was elected were, Biden is president. He’s not my president, but he is the president. No amount of last-ditch, quasi-theological faith is going to bring Trump back. I respectfully submit, because I know that most of the people who don’t want to face this fact are good Americans, that they need to move on. We need them grounded in reality for the fight.

There are dreams, and then there are nightmares.

Skeletal non-messenger Jen Psaki, evading, patronizing, passively-aggressing, circling back into nothingness. Performing every lectern callisthenic to avoid conveying real information. The likes of John Brennan and Susan Rice, “vindicated,” sitting pretty again in the Deep State swamp.

The Democrats, moving to strip Biden of his “war-making powers.” Newsmax show host Dick Morris, postulating that application of the 25th amendment is very possibly on the near horizon. Statist control of the nuclear codes. A rapidly crumbling southern border—COVID, trafficking of all kinds, and sheer inundating numbers, threatening to overrun the demarcation that makes a country a country.

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Biden himself, walking a White House lawn flagged with insipid signage, like a care home resident on a post-COVID visitation day. Very little else of substance to be seen.

VP Kamala Harris waiting in the wings, an Oakland radical, one tremulous heartbeat away from the presidency. The nation, one heartbeat away from fully-operational Democratic Socialism. Call it what it is: socialism.

No American patriot wanted this, even if they voted for Biden.

So yeah, the fringe escapism is understandable. It may be tempting for some, who have difficulty processing what has happened, to clothe themselves in the fabric of an alternate narrative—that this cannot stand, and Trump will ride to the rescue. Trump will bring us back to the good old days that now seem, by virtue of the sheer magnitude of the Democrats’ methodical undoing of prosperity and winning, longer ago than they are.

Trump may ride to the rescue, but if he does it will be in 2024. The Democrats sewed-up and delivered 2020 to a mailbox somewhere outside of Atlanta, Georgia. There is no genie in any bottle that is going to bring our 45th president back until this Democrat nightmare ends. And if not Donald Trump, if he decides to go on living the good life in Mara Lago, hope must be placed on another compelling political figure, who will rekindle the dream of America First.

And so, we say to the last holdouts, no. We say it gently, because we know how fervently they are invested in this dream of Trump as a God-appointed savior. There is no legal, peaceful process by which former President Trump can regain the helm of what should have been his second term. We must wait out, all the while resisting at every turn, a two-to-four-year period that is turning out, in nightmarish ways, due to a care home president and a subversive shadow government, to be Barack Obama’s third term.

The folly of the hope of my friend must go into the dustbin. The only way to regain the real Trump dreamscape is to meet the enemy on the terms we are presented with.

Mark Ellis is Associate Editor at the Northwest Connection, Portland, Oregon’s only conservative web/print publication. He is the author of the political thriller A Death on the Horizon.

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