Lara Trump: ‘Nothing Official Yet’ on Senate Run

The past five years of attacks on President Donald Trump have taken a toll on the family, but daughter-in-law Lara Trump told Newsmax TV she is not ruling out a run for Senate in her home state of North Carolina.

"It's something I'm taking very seriously: No official announcement right now," Trump, wife of Eric Trump, told Wednesday's "Greg Kelly Reports."

"Look, it's a big decision. Our family has been through a lot in the past five years. They haven't made any of this easy for all of us, and I certainly can see why they're so many in my family that say they will never enter politics ever. Because it is tough; they make it very tough on you."

Lara Trump, who hosts an online show called "The Right View," has long been rumored to be a top Republican candidate to campaign for the 2022 seat to be vacated by retiring Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C.

As host Greg Kelly noted, Lara Trump is already battle-tested on the campaign trail, having been a senior adviser to the Trump campaign, and faced the nonstop liberal media scrutiny.

"We have all done it as a family, and as such, we have taken all the arrows and we have all been targets by the media and by those on the left that disagree with Donald Trump as president and didn't like his policies, etc.," she told Kelly.

"I think even my father-in-law exceeded my own expectations, and I knew that he would be such a great president."

The farther President Trump gets from his time in the White House, the greater the desire for his Make American Again agenda to return to the political forefront, she added.

"I think people who maybe voted for Joe Biden are already having buyer's remorse at this point, and maybe thinking back to the Trump presidency: A great economy, we had energy independence; we had the jobs that were through the roof in America."

Regardless of Biden's failings as president, Lara Trump expects the heavy Trump media scrutiny to return once she officially announces a Senate bid.

"They probably should turn their focus, though, to the guy that's actually in the White House, who no one really has heard from in any formal capacity since he took office," Lara Trump said, referencing the fact President Biden has yet to take reporters' questions at a press briefing.

via newsmax

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