New Declassified Texts Show FBI’s ‘Media Leak’ Used To Influence Election

Watch as investigative reporter John Solomon explains in detail how newly declassified text shows the FBI "media leak strategy that was used to influence the outcome of the election, and the Trump presidency.

"The text messages make clear that the senior executives and the Comey-McCabe FBI, those who had political bias were on first-name basis with reporters.

They had according to their own text messages a leak strategy and oftentimes they learned whether it was them leaking or someone else, they were creating a false Russia narrative, a narrative that they knew was blatantly false.

They knew they didn't have a connection between Trump and Russia and they knew the Steele dossier was garbage and yet they continue today let the stories sit in public realm and create perception that for two and a half years hampered the early presidency of Donald Trump."

via thefederalistpapers

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