Donald Trump: Destroyer of the Clinton dynasty

It’s been a rough couple of months, but I’m done grieving now, and I’m ready to get back in the fight.  But first, a brief celebration is in order.  Let’s reflect on four extraordinary years, ponder for a few minutes what President Trump has accomplished, and consider what the alternative could have been.

President Trump gave us four years of economic revitalization.  We’ve had explosive GDP and unprecedented low unemployment across all demographics.  Even with the pandemic-driven lockdowns, you can just feel that the economy is ready to roar back to life as soon as we’re allowed to go back to work.  Obama’s claim that you’d need a magic wand to achieve 4% GDP has been exposed as a lie meant to excuse his own sub-par performance.

President Trump has reset the U.S. role on the international stage.  We have a better understanding of our threats and better cooperation with our allies.  We are even seeing positive developments in the Middle East for the first time in my lifetime — all because Donald Trump took an unconventional approach to diplomacy in the region.

The courts have been realigned, with three new conservative justices and hundreds of lower-court appointments.  Even the 9th Circuit Court is now politically balanced.

He exposed the government corruption that has remained hidden for so many years.  We now know that deep-state operators really did attempt a coup of a duly elected president.  Unfortunately, they haven’t been punished, but we know who they are.

He reinvigorated the conservative base.  That base is 75 million strong, crosses all demographics, and is energized like never before.

But his crowning achievement (yes, I know it’s debatable, but hear me out) is that he has removed the Clinton dynasty from the American body politic — forever. 

A four-year Hillary Clinton administration would have been no joking matter.  Consider what Hillary would have done.  Weaponization of the government against its citizens would have been rewarded.  We’d have three new liberal Supreme Court justices.  We’d still be embroiled in endless military conflicts (hello, Benghazi).  Bill’s association with Jeffrey Epstein would have remained hidden.  The Clinton graft machine would be running at full throttle.  Finally, we’d be looking forward to a Chelsea administration in a few years.

The Donald saved us from all of that.  He has excised the Clinton rot that has eaten away at our political foundation for 30 years.  He exposed the Clintons as the grifters they’ve always been.  Their foundation is dying because it no longer has influence to peddle.  We know that Bill Clinton is still a lecherous pervert (please tell me he didn’t pose for that portrait in Jeffrey’s apartment).  Donald Trump broke Hillary.  She’s been reduced to the visage of an insane old woman, screaming to an empty hall that she’s still relevant.

The Democrats have moved the Clintons from the asset column to the liability column on their political ledger.  They are flushing them down the drain like spoiled milk (which still smells better than the stench of the Clinton Foundation).  They are finished.

And for that, we thank you, President Donald J. Trump.

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