Gordon Chang: Trump Right on China, WHO

President Joe Biden isn't "in a frame of mind to defend" the United States against China,  foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang told Newsmax TV Sunday after former President Donald Trump's speech at CPAC. 

"China is here, whether we want it or not, and I don't think that President Biden really has a mindset yet, he's not in a frame of mind to defend us like President Trump did," said Chang, adding that the former president was "absolutely right" to target China in his speech.

"For instance, there's Biden rejoining the World Health Organization, without bargaining at all with the WHO," said Chang, responding to Trump ridiculing Biden on that point.

"Also there was the Paris accord and the comments from the president, which were absolutely right, that China has no obligations under them until 2030 if they decide to ever honor (their obligations)."

He added that China has "worked to try to, for example, to buy the American public" and has "used their troll farms, their social media platforms, to incite violence on the American streets...China is here, whether we want it or not."

Trump, during his speech, accused the WHO of being "puppets for China" and complained that Biden, when reentering the organization, agreed to pay the same $500 million toward its efforts that was being paid before.

"Why would China pay $39 million and we're paying almost $500 million?" Trump said. "Why? So we could have made the same deal that China had, $39 million."

via newsmax

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