Biden Erases More Of Trump-Era, Hits Orders On Funding For ‘Anarchist’ Cities

Joe Biden is busy canceling Donald Trump’s executive orders and actions just as quickly as he can. The latest reversals were signed Wednesday. Biden signed five executive orders including those aimed at cutting off federal funding to “anarchist” cities and restricting legal immigration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the Summer of Love, nightly protests turned into riots as anarchists and Black Lives Matter activists destroyed parts of American cities. The liberal mayors of these cities refused to so much as voice objections to what was happening in their cities in the name of social justice. Democrats turned a blind eye to what was happening. Businesses were destroyed and innocent people were killed and injured. This silence was in sharp contrast to media reporting on Trump rallies, for example, when conservatives gathered in large groups. Both the chaos in the streets and rallies for Trump happened during the pandemic, yet one side was praised and the other criticized.

President Trump, frustrated at the inaction of city leaders to take back control of law and order in their cities, threatened to withhold federal funds from “anarchist” cities. Trump’s administration dubbed Seattle, New York, and Portland as “anarchist jurisdictions” last September. He wasn’t wrong. The cities filed lawsuits against the Trump administration. Biden revoked that label on Wednesday.

“Fortunately, Seattle no longer has to face the insanity of a President who governs by Twitter or political threats. President Trump’s baseless lawsuits targeted our city for standing up for immigrants, civil rights, and democracy as he further divided our country with hate,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said Wednesday, in a prepared statement.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes said that “a small part of me” would like to see the city’s lawsuit against the Trump administration head to court.

“But I much prefer seeing President Biden undo his predecessor’s will with a stroke of his pen,” Holmes said in a prepared statement. “I’m glad to have this nonsense cleared from the decks considering my office has no shortage of litigation to manage, from the eviction moratorium to hazard pay for frontline workers. Onward.”

Biden, on Wednesday, revoked the designation with little flourish.

“The following Presidential actions are revoked,” he wrote in an executive order, going on to list the order on anarchist jurisdictions as well as five others Trump had issued.

Mayor Jenny may want to take a look at Joe Biden’s Twitter feed. His staff keeps that page active every day with frequent tweets, usually inane, yet often to tout executive orders and actions to own Trump and his supporters.

While protesters in major cities get a wink and a nod from Status Quo Joe, Biden is busy destroying job opportunities for American workers. Trump’s executive action requiring federal agencies to waive any regulations that could hurt the economic recovery during the pandemic was revoked. Along with that he also revoked an order from 2017 that established core principles for federal regulations. Both actions were to protect American jobs, unlike Biden’s actions that create the loss of thousands of jobs with just the stroke of his pen. A prime example is the thousands of jobs lost in the energy sector thanks to Biden’s cave to environmental extremists against the Keystone XL pipeline. He did that on ‘Day One’.

Moving down yesterday’s list, Biden also revoked the Trump administration’s requirement that classical architecture is used for federal buildings. Trump justified that at the time as a nod to creating a new standard last December called “Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture”, in which he declared federal buildings “should uplift and beautify public spaces, inspire the human spirit, ennoble the United States, and command respect from the general public.”

Trump put a halt to the issuance of green cards for foreign nationals during the pandemic to protect jobs during the recovery, as well as a coronavirus mitigation measure. Biden canceled that action but didn’t lift restrictions on temporary work visas. Biden argues that immigration restrictions harm family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, preventing them from reuniting here.

Biden separately reversed a Trump proclamation that barred foreign nationals seeking a green card who are outside the United States from entering the country. The Biden reversal did not lift restrictions on temporary work visas, however. The former president had extended those restrictions through the end of March before leaving office.

The Trump administration argued the immigration restrictions were necessary amid the coronavirus pandemic to ensure American workers were protected as the economy slowly rebounded. But in revoking the measure, Biden argued it harmed the country, in part “by preventing certain family members of United States citizens and lawful permanent residents from joining their families here.

Most of Trump’s policies were successful. Elections have consequences, though, and Joe Biden is hellbent to eliminate any traces of Trump in policy actions. Biden prefers to do the bidding of far-left Marxists and the open borders crowd. Both sides of the aisle agree that immigration reform is sorely needed, for example. It’s a matter of finding common ground on how to get there. Neither side is in the mood for compromise right now, though.

Back in the days of Biden’s time in the Senate, he liked to criticize Republican presidents for using executive orders to govern. Now that he sits in the Oval Office, his tune has changed and he is on his way to breaking the records of past presidents. Biden’s hypocrisy knows no boundaries.

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