Lindsey Graham Makes Major Prediction About Trump and the Republican Party

For Lindsey Graham, the path back to power for Republicans is perfectly clear.

And it’s starting this weekend when former President Donald Trump is scheduled to make his appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Trump, Graham said, could set the stage for the GOP to retake the House and Senate in two years.

Graham’s appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday focused mainly on his recent trip to the southern border, but near the end, host Sean Hannity asked Graham about Trump’s upcoming CPAC speech.

The South Carolina senator was unambiguous.

“Trump’s going to give a speech Sunday that’s going to be very policy-centric,” said Graham, who noted that he’d spent the weekend with Trump.

“Every Republican should rally around it. I think it will help us with independents. And I’ve never felt better about President Trump’s leading the party than I do right now.”

Check it out here:

Conservatives are going to have to forgive Graham a little hyperbole — it’s a good bet he felt better about Trump leading the Republican Party when Trump was doing it from the White House.

But the message is what’s important, and the message is unassailable: There is no Republican alternative to Trump and there doesn’t need to be — there is literally no one in American politics right now better position or better better suited to lead a GOP comeback.

As the NeverTrump movement falls apart on the right (or dissolves into scandal), and a left drunk with power begins to show itself again as the real danger it is to the future of the country, Republicans need to stick to the platform that won the presidency in 2016, should have won it again in 2020 and is within a whisker of holding majorities in the House and Senate.

Republicans and conservatives who see Trump as part of the past, and a GOP more accommodating of liberals and Democrats as the party’s future, are contemplating political suicide. It was Trump – not accommodationists – who won 74 million American votes in November.

It was Trump Republicans who defied the mainstream media’s expectations and not only shrank the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives but came within a handful of seats of ousting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her post.

And while it’s true that Republicans lost in the Senate, it’s at least a good possibility that if then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had acceded to Trump’s wishes and agreed to the Democratic demand for $2,000 payments for COVID-19 relief payments, the Democrats’ “bread-and-circuses” brand of politics might have been matched in the Georgia Jan. 5 runoff elections.

(That isn’t to say McConnell was wrong, just to emphasize the black-swan nature of the last election and how closely divided this country is — and how close Republicans are to regaining power.)

But that was then. This is now. And Graham was talking about the future — and the role Trump is likely to have in the GOP nationally.

With his CPAC speech, Graham said, Trump will “position himself as the alternative to Joe Biden. He, I think, will make a speech that will unify Republicans on policy.”

“He wants us to win in 2022. And stay tuned. I think you’re going to see over the next couple of months Donald Trump lead the Republican Party on policy and give us the energy we need to take back the House and the Senate,” Graham said.

Part of that is going to be the fact that Democrats unchecked are already overplaying their hand. Coddling illegal immigration, economically suicidal “green energy” policies that destroy jobs and appeasement of the country’s worst global foes – China and Iran – are not popular with sane Americans.

“The Democrats are doing their part,” Graham told Hannity. “If we can get behind President Trump and follow his lead, we will win in 2022. If we argue with ourselves, we’re going to — we’re going to lose. And there’s no reason to lose.”

No, there is no reason to lose.

And there’s no reason for Republicans to throw away the Trump platform, no matter how many Hollywood leftists, late-night liberals or mainstream media pundits might distort the Trump record.

The fact is, for three years before the coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd riots were used shamelessly by Democrats and the mainstream media to smear its accomplishments, the Trump administration was overseeing a booming economy and making the country’s enemies very much aware of the fact that aggression would not be tolerated.

For 74 million Americans, that was enough to want Trump and his party back in power in 2020.

In two short years, it should be again.

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