Local News just casually blames Trump for rise violence against Asian Americans

It’s your local news too, y’all. Or in this case, it’s the local news in Greenville, North Carolina, as a tipster brought to our attention this afternoon. Watch this local TV anchor just blithely blame Trump for violence against Asian-Americans.

And why? FOR SAYING TRUE THINGS. How many times do we have to go over and over the fact that, not only did the virus start in China, but ALL THE LIB MEDIA SAID SO TOO until Trump did. How many times?

And nevertheless:

The propaganda is at all an time high. Almost nothing you hear on TV is true, or at least the whole truth, and as soon as Facebook gets their new rules in place (by the way did you hear the cut Australia off entirely?) then you won’t find any truth online either.

Faster than you can even keep up they are wiping truth away in favor of narrative. And we all know WHO gets to set the narrative. And it ain’t Ted Cruz or Rush Limbaugh or even Donald Trump.

By the way, those hate crimes against Asians? They’re happening in San Francisco and Chicago and New York and Washington, D.C. and … well, you get the idea. Golly if only we know what THOSE cities have in common. But WNCT thinks Trump saying “Wuhan” out loud is what’s the problem.

via therightscoop

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