Treating Trump Supporters Like Citizens Again

How is it that these House Democrats who brought their articles of impeachment to the Senate do not understand that they, not anything President Trump said, are the reason Trump supporters were so riled up on January 6? 

The very emotional opening for this last impeachment trial in the Senate included a video in which politicians recounted their harrowing experiences that day. It was a bad day, don’t get me wrong. I was watching and hoping Congress would come to its senses and let the states have a little more time to review the really screwed up election and proceed with forensic audits. Instead, the protest happened, and we were not given that opportunity. As an American citizen who has been insulted and ridiculed for four years just for backing my president, I wasn’t very happy about it.

I’m sorry these lawmakers (and breakers) had to go through such a scary day. It should not have happened. Attacks should never have been planned, no matter what. American conservatives don’t generally deal with other citizens in a violent way. Americans on the Right tend to be good people who just want to live their lives and who would prefer to be left alone. It takes a lot to get us fired up. We don’t do a lot of BS. We like our simple lives. We love our God, our families, and our country.

I was unable to show up in D.C. that day, but if I had had the opportunity, I would have been there. People on the Left have said over the years that protest is one of the most American things to do in our country. Why not? I felt angry over the way the election went, and not because of anything President Trump said. I was angry because I watched the different legislative hearings in the various states when evidence and witnesses were presented. I’m not “storm the Capitol” angry, but I’m “we should protest this” angry, as were a lot of other citizens. Leftists don’t seem to understand it was they who created this anger, and it had nothing to do with President Trump.

What made conservatives protestors so angry? What made us angry were shady dossiers and nonstop made-up stories bludgeoning our duly elected president for four years. What made us angry was being censored on social media platforms. What made us angry was watching leftist rioters burning down our cities in 2020’s “summer of love.” What made us angry was the vitriol the media showed our president, his family, his staff, and his followers.

What’s continuing to make us angry is the constant shoveling of the Left’s worldview into every movie, TV show, ball game we watch. What makes us angry is our voices being silenced. What makes us angry are last-minute election law changes, showering ballots on the populace like Niagra Falls meeting Old Faithful, appalling voting irregularities, and hundreds of millions of Big Tech and big business dollars funneled into states through and to left-leaning entities for getting out their vote.

What the impeachment-loving Democrats don’t understand is that their own actions started this giant ball of anger rolling. What they need to understand is it needs to stop now, and the Senate can stop it. What happened that day shouldn’t happen again. The Senate should make sure of that by swearing off future sham impeachment activities and treating their political opposition like citizens again.

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