McLaughlin: Impeachment Is Trial by Trump’s Political Enemies

The public is seeing the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump as a "political show trial" and it's getting them "fired up," pollster John McLaughlin tells Newsmax TV

"There's been no due process," he said Thursday on "Greg Kelly Reports." "This is a scary precedent for all Americans, and it's getting the president's base fired up because ... it's not a trial by his peers in the jury. This is a trial by his political enemies. So this is a political show trial."

The evidence is skewed and slanted, McLaughlin said, and that's why Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana was censured in his home state after voting that the trial was constitutional.

"This is a political railroad, and it's a disgrace, he said. "It's happening, America. This is something that happens in communist China, not in the United States."

Former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, who also was on the panel, slammed the case for its lack of due process, noting that Trump's team had no opportunity to present evidence during the House impeachment proceedings, and that the impeachment managers are showing videos in the Senate trial rather than presenting evidence.

Besides, he noted, the outcome is predetermined, and the senators in this case are actually witnesses and victims "and the judge has already announced his decision."

Dershowitz says he sees no chance of Trump's team stumbling and losing the case unless they "fall into a trap" and try to argue the issue of whether the election was stolen, in which case he said "they would lose a lot of senators. They can't go there. They have to focus on the First Amendment."

via newsmax

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