Peter Navarro: Impeachment Trial Offers Trump’s Team Chance to Discuss Election

Former President Donald Trump's legal team needs to use the Senate impeachment trial to its client's advantage, according to former presidential trade adviser Peter Navarro on Newsmax TV.

Appearing on Friday's "Greg Kelly Reports," Navarro told guest host Steve Cortes the president's defense team should focus on the election results and alleged wrongdoings in battleground states.

"This is a political trial and the Democrats are coming hard at the president on political grounds," Navarro said. "And, this is a free pass for the president because they've already acquitted him on the Republican side.

"You had 45 Republican senators say, 'Hey, this is unconstitutional.' So why not provide an affirmative defense?"

Navarro, an economist, has produced three volumes of his Navarro Report about the election results. He maintains there were election irregularities in six hotly contested battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

With the impeachment trial's outcome seemingly decided, Navarro said Trump should change his legal team again and replace David Schoen and Bruce Castor Jr.

"You get somebody like [Rep.] Matt Gaetz, [R-Fla.] as your lead attorney instead of that stiff [Castor] you had on," Navarro said, "and then you use the Navarro Report and other reports that have been put out as your exhibits A, B, C and D."

via newsmax

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