Dershowitz: Dems Playing ‘Political Chicken’ With Call for Trump Testimony

Democrat impeachment managers' call for former President Donald Trump to testify under oath at his second impeachment trial next week is simply a "game of political chicken" which they knew he would decline, famed Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowtiz tells Newsmax TV.

In an appearance Thursday on "Greg Kelly Reports," Dershowitz said the case against Trump is far simpler to defend than the one brought by Democrats a year ago.

Further, he noted, "It's political theater, and I'm neither a politician or an actor," explaining part of the reason why he has no interest in being part of the proceedings as he was last time, even though he does defend Trump's constitutional right to free speech. Dershowitz, a self-described liberal Democrat, notes that he didn't approve of the actual speech Trump gave, and also didn't want to have to defend it, though it was constitutionally protected.

Still, he said, the call for Trump to testify was "just pure showmanship."

"You know, it's a game of political chicken," Dershowitz said. Trump is left in a trap, he noted: By refusing, as he did, to testify, the Democrats said he must have something to hide. "They know that he was not going to testify. No lawyer would allow a client to walk into a perjury trap into a hostile environment where he wouldn't be asked questions; he would be accused."

Trump would certainly love to appear in front of the Senate just to have his say, but his lawyers are correctly advising him not to participate because the whole thing is "political theater," Dershowitz said.

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