The Trump Comeback Begins: The Plan to Make Trump and America Great Again

Many critics think Trump’s winning streak ended with a presidential loss. I disagree. I know the man. I understand the man. I know what comes next. It may be Trump’s greatest chapter yet. . .

Here’s my game plan for how Trump can make Trump and America great again. . .

In some ways, his defeat was empowering. As president, Trump couldn’t get rid of RINOS and never-Trumpers, because he needed their votes. But from the outside, he can remake the party, elect allies and end the careers of the GOP traitors who stabbed him in the back. Are you listening, Rep. Liz Cheney?

Trump should recruit, endorse and campaign for Trump Republicans in each GOP primary where they’re running against RINOS, never-Trumpers and backstabbers. Seventy-four million Trump voters will vote for his chosen candidates in GOP primaries. By 2022, the GOP will be 100% remade in Trump’s image.

Secondly, Trump should spend the next four years fixing voter fraud at the state level. Trump should recruit his billionaire buddies to put up hundreds of millions to attack this problem. Trump’s goal should be to reform election law in just the handful of states that cost him the election: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona.


Trump Legacy: GOP Staffs That Are Majority Minority

When asked for an example of how the Republican National Committee and President Trump expanded the party during the last four years, I like to cite Florida’s newest Republican member of Congress, Byron Donalds.

In a story that could only happen in America, this Black American man born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to a single mother of three went on to become a conservative Republican who ran for a congressional seat in the Sunshine State’s 19th District and won.

The actions of President Trump’s agenda to empower Black Americans, create more economic opportunities, address health challenges, reduce prescription drug prices, support school choice, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and charter schools, as well as enacting historic criminal justice reforms and Opportunity Zones, resonated with Donalds, his constituents, and millions of other Americans across the nation.

When Rep. Donalds got to Washington, he had choices to make on staffing and was intentional in his commitment to find the best talent that represented America. To that end, Donalds hired a majority minority staff of men and women. The new congressman got his political start working for the late Herman Cain on his 2012 presidential campaign. In many ways, this is how you pay it forward by giving others an opportunity to serve in different positions and offices, just as he was given.

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