Gohmert: Americans Will Long for Trump After Biden

When one looks at former President Donald Trump's continuing popularity across the nation "in spite of the false allegations" about him inciting violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6, Americans could see him return for a "very, very powerful presidency," as they will long for the days when he was still in office, Rep. Louie Gohmert said on Newsmax TV Saturday night.

"I think that's gonna be the question we all ask for the next four years," the Texas Republican told Newsmax TV's "The Count" when he was asked about the possibility of Trump running for reelection in 2024. "Of course that'll be his decision."

But Trump "clearly called" for a "peaceful protest," Gohmert insisted, adding that as Americans see the "ineptitude" of the Biden administration and the "Orwellian, totalitarian efforts" that are happening, they will see Trump in a new light.

"They're gonna long for the days of Trump and I think if he were to run again, he's learned enough about the dishonesty on the other side and the dishonesty within our own party, with people that said they would help him and they stabbed him in the back," said Gohmert. "I think you would see a very, very powerful presidency. "

Trump's presidency was "really hurt" by his having people within the White House that he should not have kept there, Gohmert added. 

"He had people that were hurting him and that were conspiring against him," Gohmert said.

He also agreed that it's "amusing" to think that Trump could continue holding rallies and that the media would need to continue covering them, even as the Democrats are "declaring war on middle-class America."

"I think you'll see Donald Trump become even more popular," said Gohmert. "You're looking at what he did in his four years compared to what we're seeing already in this administration, and I'm glad to see Kevin (McCarthy) and the president patching things up."

Gohmert also said the impending impeachment trial will also boost sympathy for Trump.

"I was with 100 East Texans this afternoon, and they are so fired up they're so upset about the just the overwhelming dictatorial actions that are being taken by this administration and by (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi ... today I'm seeing people fired up and ready to take on the 2022 election, and you may see a very different outcome then."

via newsmax

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