Is MAGA over? Ask yourself: What don’t I see?

Then Harbonah, one of the eunuchs serving the king said, "Now look, there are gallows fifty cubits (75 ft.) high standing at Haman's house, which Haman made for Mordecai, whose good warning saved the king. …" (Esther 7:9, Classic Amplified Bible)

One of the nice things about "ancient history," often a term of derision, is that there has been plenty of time for the event to drop from our cultural memory and repeat itself before our eyes. When it does, most of the world will marvel because they think it's a completely new thing.

Human beings, as complex as we are, have a limited and largely predictable response to many situations. The more fear that can be injected into the situation, the more predictable our responses.

That's why the elites love social media. Cheap digital storage space and perpetual online face-to-screen time have enabled them to build a silicon profile of most people. Artificial intelligence uses this to control our thoughts and reactions, not only to social media posts, but to fake news and even actual events as well. (To bleep with their algorithm, just respond unpredictably to posts.)

Remember Lifelog? You probably don't. It caused quite an uproar in its time. Once DARPA privatized it, their problems went away (link at the end of this column).

All this is background, so I can ask you to think about what you do see – as well as what you don't see.

What you do see if you watch or listen to the mainline media, is that Trump's MAGA movement has crashed and burned, as a result of the president's own personal failings, now writ large over the nation. The Democratic Party was somehow – perhaps through the grace of A-men and A-Woman – able to persuade enough demoralized Democrats, BLMers and Antifa supporters to vote for a man who campaigned from his basement and socially distanced himself from reporters and opinion scribes.

What you don't see is celebrations breaking out among 80 million Joe Biden voters who crawled across broken glass to vote and have now gathered around state capitols singing patriotic Marxist hymns. Nor do you see them pitching in and helping small businesses rebuild their burned and looted shops. They also aren't questioning why a flu-like illness with a low death rate should shut down our economy, turn governors into lawmaking monarchs running police states, close schools and businesses, and shut down houses of worship (a constitutionally protected activity).

You also don't see Democrats (OK, mainline commentators) wondering about the implications of electronic election fraud (both now and in the future). They don't opine about corrupt election officials who shepherded the stolen election and then fired whistelblowers. Nor do you hear speculation on what it means to the nation when the newly elected president's son has been paid hundreds of millions of dollars by the Chinese Communist Party (perhaps the most repressive regime in the world).

Finally, you don't see them speculating on the character traits of a man whose character they have spent five years assassinating. If they did, they might have some hint of what lies just ahead for them. Perhaps investing themselves so deeply in the lies they prepared for us at each broadcast, they have become immune to Truth, even when it is staring them in the face.

It's not that America doesn't deserve the ending that the Hamans in government, education, entertainment, big corporations, big politics, big tech, big media and, yes, even big religion have prepared for us. Rather, what we are about to see is what the apostle Paul worked out in Romans:

"Now do we conclude that God is monstrously unfair? Never! God said long ago to Moses: 'I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion'" (Romans 9:14-15, JB Phillips).

They think it's all fun and games ahead. They left him no choice. Maybe it's time for a new view of Armageddon?

The Haman and Esther story is here. It's short and sweet. Perhaps ours will be, too.

Lifelog is here.

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