Hang in there, Mr. President!

I tried to listen to news and talk on the radio today, and all I heard was an incessant litany of all the reasons why Donald Trump HAS TO GO!! Now would be too soon!

It's days like today that I long for the old days in radio when stations had to balance their content between left and right.

Our local hosts in the San Francisco area simply cannot let go of their desire to get rid of Donald Trump as president. Not only do they want him out of office as soon as possible, they want him charged with all kinds of political malfeasance and found guilty – winding up in the slammer for as long as possible.

Not only are they beating up Trump on his policies and on his efforts to find and prove election cheating, but they now accuse him of fomenting the rioting at the Capitol. Apparently, all because he asked those in Washington to go to the Capitol to show their support of Congress in their anticipated vote.

Thousands did, but some others were there with another goal – to cause disruption and chaos. And they succeeded – not only challenging outside security but getting inside the building, into public areas and private offices, stealing and causing damage.

In the melee, one woman was shot by a Capitol policeman – she later died. Three others died of other causes, but media gave them very little attention. Despite the fact that there was police and some military presence, there is heavy criticism over the lack of sufficient manpower considering the location of the demonstration.

Some were arrested, and there are many photographs of rioters; every one of them needs to be identified, hit with the strongest arm of the law and spend a lot of time behind bars. What they did in Washington was criminally reprehensible, and any attempt to blame it on President Trump is flat-out ridiculous.

But don't use that argument on Democrats in Congress. They want Trump out of office now – never mind the reason and never mind the end of his term is in 11 days. They want it NOW!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants him removed via the 25th Amendment, which allows the removal of the president if he cannot perform his duties. She's also threatening another impeachment, claiming he "incited insurrection" and that his actions were "seditious."

She's trying everything and so is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who wants Vice President Pence and the Cabinet members to act together to remove President Trump.

Another result of the melee in Washington is that there is a surge in the number of lawmakers of both parties, as well as administration staff, who are turning against Trump.

Rush Limbaugh summed it up succinctly: "If you want to live in the political, elected class in Washington, you have to say, 'Trump betrayed the presidency,' you have to say it. There's no alternative for you."

According to Limbaugh, the establishment will identify anyone who wants to take control from them and "do everything they can to destroy whoever it is" – "to send a message to the next guy, 'Don't even think about it.'"

Bottom line, these guys play for keeps, and they have pulled out all the stops in their efforts to destroy Donald Trump. It began when he declared his candidacy, continued through his presidency and now continues as he tries to show that, in fact, these last election results are fraudulent.

As Limbaugh said, "They want a scalp."

They may want that, but Donald Trump is not ready to provide it. He's a fighter for what he believes is true and right, and he's maintained that throughout his presidency. Talk about strength.

He also loves this country and aims to protect it. His enemies – in addition to the Democrats in and out of office – are BLM and Antifa. Like it or not, those two groups have the goal of destroying our country and system of government.

Like it or not, they were a major presence in the riot in Washington. I can only hope that enough of their members will be identified and held responsible for their lawbreaking. A nice, long stretch behind bars would be nice – plus it would keep them off the streets in their future anti-government rumbles.

I think liberals are in for a big surprise. They think by continuing their harassment of Donald Trump they will "win" in the end. No. They are merely making the pro-Trumpers stronger and more secure in their beliefs concerning the core freedoms of our country. They will not give up, just as Donald Trump hasn't given up – and heaven knows, he has endured four years plus of a continual barrage of attempts to defeat him. He is strong with enduring basic beliefs – something liberal Democrat leaders in our government are not.

Hang in there, Donald. I admire your bravery and tenacity. This country and our politics need more men like you.

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